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Östergötland/Linköping - Erfarna ingenjörer sökes - Ref: 620001

Våra kunder ger oss ökat förtroende och vi har därför stor efterfrågan på erfarna ingenjörer. Vi förmedlar konsultuppdrag i Östergötland främst inom mjukvaruutveckling, elektronikkonstruktion, test, mekanik, produktionsteknik, och beräkning/hållfasthet. Är du intresserad av egenföretagande och uppdrag som frilansande konsult? Hör av dig till oss så berättar vi mer…

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Stockholm - Developer Openshift Consultant - Ref: 630002

An absolutely amazing and wonderful chance to work for one of THE biggest names in Linux. Our client is a globally recognised company and is at the forefront of all things Linux. They are looking for a Dev Ops Consultant to join their team. You will be part of a team that works with the Openshift product in order to improve continuous delivery/continuous integration pipeline tools in their…

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Göteborg - Automotive-specialister - Ref: 420068

Sedan flera år tillbaka är Assistera ramavtalsleverantör inom fordonsindustrin, både hos civila och militära företag, och är en uppskattad leverantör av specialister. Det har gett oss själva djup industrikunskap och samtidigt utökat vårt konsultnätverk. Det gör att vi nu kan förmedla mycket attraktiva uppdrag inom flera områden kopplat till fordonsindustrin. Bland annat så letar vi nu erfarna…

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Stockholm - Operational Product Owner - Ref: 280320

The assignment is as an OPO (Operational Product Owner) in the testing area with focus on characteristics and traffic functionality. The role involves prioritizing the backlog for a number of test teams. You need to have understanding of test, technical experience/knowledge of complex telecom systems and management skills. The role include tasks such as Weekly establish confidence and quality…

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Stockholm - Investment Support - Ref: 280322

You will join together with the Lab Coordinator who is responsible to provide the right test equipment (STPs). The Investment Support role is to work close to the Lab Coordinator with HW ordering, follow-up and the specifying of the STPs. Start ASAP, three to six months with possibility for a long term assignment (planed). This assignment is a reminder of ref. 280318…

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Stockholm - VRAN IT Cloud engineer - Ref: 280321

You will join the team responsible to build cloud environments for future virtual RAN. The team need engineers with expertise in the Cloud area, including skills for troubleshooting and managing OpenStack. This to facilitate the debugging, the role will require expertise in both telecom and cloud. Start 2017-05-01 until 2018 03-31 with probability of extension. Please send the CV and some lines…

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